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Who we are

Decentralized Organization

The project was built around a request from our community to use a token to validate our decisions. TPO is intended to be widely exchanged by the members of our decentralized organization as well as the enthusiasts and lovers of crypto-currencies. Tropico Hedge is an open source project that uses decentralized peer-to-peer network technology and private blockchain to operate with no central authority (Untraceable and secure transactions).

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New Blockchain! January 7, 2018

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How we do it

Total Supply

The choice of 1 billion allows the exchange of our currency by the greatest number of users. A fast growing market with an active community. No Premined coins (PoW-CryptoNight).


Our private blockchain is based on the Cryptonote Technology. Follow the instructions on bitcointalk.org and start TPO mining. (Updated on January 7, 2018)

Block Reward

With a target block of 60 seconds and a reward of about 59 TPO / Block, Tropico Hedge is a digital currency built for the purpose of being regular in transaction processing.


If you would like more information about our crypto-currency or keep up to date with the latest news about Tropico Hedge, please do not hesitate to contact us.